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Alfa Discs - Glow Starter Set

Alfa Discs - Glow Starter Set

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The Alfa discs Glow Starter Set is a great 3-disc pack for the intermediate player who wants to explore glow golf. They glow bright and really long (on par with or better than other major disc golf brands). This set is an easy way to get into glow golf without breaking the bank, three high quality discs that will become staples in the bag.

Set includes:

  • 1x Fairway Driver - Alfa Discs Cosmic

An overstable speed 8 driver that should fly straight and fade out consistently. Flight Rating 8/6/0/3

  • 1x Midrange - Alfa Discs Apollo

A stable mid-range that has a touch of turn.  5/5/-1/2

  • 1x Putter - Alfa Discs Snoopy

A low profile putter that feels great in smaller hands. 2/4/0/2

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