Axiom Envy - Neutron Soft Dragon

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Speed: 3 / Glide: 3 / Turn: 0 / Fade: 2

Neutron Soft Plastic

Custom dragon stencil dye! This is a unique hand made disc and has some minor dye flaws (in the dragons arm and tail). If you're looking for a cool disc that stands out, get this classical Welsh Dragon style disc dye. Please note that dyes tend to lower disc stability somewhat.

The Envy is a a slightly stable putter which beats in to a neutral flight for long distance throws. It has high speed stability with minimal fade after a small break-in period. The envy is "Lid-Like" low profile and feels great in the hands. In Neutron Soft, this disc has the more grippy and gummy characteristics of Electron Soft but the durability of Neutron. It beats in slightly faster than regular neutron, yet holds its flight characteristics to stay reliable for longer, and has a slight gummy feel that makes it more reliable in wet or cold weather.

These discs are true blank, meaning that they were never stamped. This should help prevent bleeding when using stencil dye techniques. Unbranded and blank discs are great for players who want a stealth game where nobody knows where their awesomeness comes from.