Axiom Insanity - Plasma (Pre-Thrown)

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Speed: 9 / Glide: 5 / Turn: -2 / Fade: 1.5

This is a USED DISC.

Condition Report:

  • 8407 167g: Inked on inner rim. 5/10. Beat in quite a lot with some larger knicks out of the rim, lots of scratches and scuffs on flight plate. If you want a well seasoned disc, this is a choice.

The insanity flies far, with a slightly understable flight path for huge S curves and a reliable fade. For higher power throwers, it is possible to get beautiful flip up shots. For mid and low power throwers this is a versatile disc with lots of options. It's great for learning hyzer flips as it beats in and becomes less stable. This is the kind of disc where even lower power players could get a right push when throwing right-hand backhand with an anhyzer. This is a versatile disc for players of all skill levels and a must have in the bag.