Axiom Paradox - Watermelon Proton

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Speed: 5 / Glide: 4 / Turn: -4 / Fade: 0

The Proton Watermelon Paradox Special Edition is only found at MVP Circuit Events. In the past, watermelon discs have become highly collectible. While the Paradox has more quantity sold, this disc will still be a beautiful feature-piece in your collection.

The Paradox is a truly unique disc thanks to its extreme understable characteristic. High power players will find this disc easily flips up into a roller line, while lower power players will find it to be easy to throw straight to right turn (on a right hand back hand line). It's great to get around trees with a gentle toss, when you need that backhand to go to the right, as it turns pretty much immediately out of hand and keeps on going.