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Axiom Rhythm - Neutron Special Edition

Axiom Rhythm - Neutron Special Edition

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Release Date: 2022-12-02 (PST)

The Rhythm is an excellent beginners disc thanks to its slightly understable characteristic. When thrown flat, with moderate power, the disc should have just a touch of turn and a gentle fade. Once beat in, the Rhythm will fly straighter and further!

Advanced players will appreciate the ability to flip up the Rhythm and have it float the opposite direction that discs normally fade. Right-hand backhand only players will be able to throw this disc with power and get around corners almost like a forehand.

Because of the smaller rim, this disc is great for younger players too!

Punk Rock Stamp: Crash cymbal? Check. Tom Toms? Check. Ride cymbal? Check. Bass drum? Double kick check. Ladies and gentlemen … drumroll please … introducing the raddest SE on tour – the Axiom Rhythm! With punk rock-inspired artwork by the legendary Mike Inscho, the Rhythm marches to the beat of its own drum as it free floats down the middle of long, winding fairways worldwide. Designed to have an easy-to-control tempo, the Rhythm can be easily harnessed to impress your audience and leave them wanting more.


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