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Axiom Time-Laspe - Neutron First Run Simon Line Prototype

Axiom Time-Laspe - Neutron First Run Simon Line Prototype

12 5 -1 3
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Release Date: 2023-09-20 (PST)

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Release day 2023/09/20. We have drawn for the ability to purchase and all customers have been contacted. Thank you for entering!

Limited Run Prototype First Edition: This is the first release in the Simon Line discs designed to the specifications of Simon Lizotte. More dome, more glide and tuned for power, the Simon Line will be the distance driver that you were missing.

Experience the latest 12-speed innovation with the Axiom Time-Laspe. This is the first speed 12 disc released with GYRO Overmold Technology, and it provides an optimal blend of glide and turn for massive flights without sacrificing control. The wider rim width allows for comfortable, fast backhand throws, and a gentle dome shape adds further glide.

High power players will fast find the Time Lapse as their maximum distance crusher, while lower power players can use it as a controlled distance driver and wind fighter.

Neutron Plastic: Premium plastic with bright colours, slow wear and a softer feeling grip.


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