DG Sunnies - Polarized Sunglasses

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Comfortable and stylish, DG Sunnies are a necessity for playing disc golf in bright environments. Do you play with constantly changing lighting? These sunglasses feature Photochromatic Lenses (brightness changing depending on condition). They are also polarized which reduces glare and reflection, especially off of water.

These sunglasses are well suited for disc golf in forested environments, as their lenses darken and lighten based on how much sunlight is present. Out in the fairway or in direct sun, the lenses darken to save your eyes. Then, in the woods, after a couple minutes they lighten right back up to make it easy to see again. They're great when it is overcast but just a smidge too bright, and regular sunglasses are too dark. Make the shot that matters because you can finally see properly with DG Disc Golf Sunglasses.


NOTE: Not suitable as sunglasses for operating motor vehicles. The transitional lightening/darkening effect does not work under UV coated glass such as car windshields and the glasses will not darken.

Frame Material: Plastic Frame and Metal Arms

Lens Type: Polarized Acrylic 

Photochromatic: Lighten / Darken with conditions

Sizing: See photos