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Discmania DD1 Stratosphere - Horizon S-Line (MBox)

Discmania DD1 Stratosphere - Horizon S-Line (MBox)

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Mystery Box 2022: The Stratosphere was featured in Discmania's 2022 Mystery Box - this is the premier run of the Stratosphere in new plastic blend.

This is the Discmania Special Blend S-Line Stratosphere, the younger brother to the DD3 (Cloud Breaker). It's the every-person's Cloud Breaker! The Stratosphere DD1 features a less overstable flight path compared to our most popular distance driver, the DD3. The DD1 glides to the horizon with some turn and reliably fades back at the end of its flight. This distance driver is truly a one for the masses – great for both accurate drives in the woods and full power throws in the open fields.

Horizon S-Line Plastic: Bright colours with a contrasting rim swirl. Super premium feel with a slight softness to the grip, similar to Royal Plastic.  This plastic ages well, which means that your disc doesn’t change drastically in its flight behaviour after a couple of collisions with trees.


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