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Discmania PD - Swirl S-Line Nordic Phenom

Discmania PD - Swirl S-Line Nordic Phenom

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Nordic Phenom Special Edition PD in Special Swirly S-Line

Niklas Anttila Signature Series

Unleash the power of the Nordic Phenom! This special edition of the S-Line PD from Discmania features all of DM's new manufacturing prowess slammed into one disc. A great feeling mold, swirly bright plastic and excellent durability. 

The PD is a Power Driver designed for advanced and pro players. People with high arm speeds will find this a go-to driver for all conditions thanks to the difficulty in turning it over. Players with low arm speed will find it useful in strong headwinds and as a scramble disc where fade is a necessity. This is a truly overstable distance driver and an excellent choice for forehand or backhand drives. 

Swirly S-Line Plastic: A mid stiffness plastic best for grip in all weather conditions, with excellent durability and bright color. Beats in ever-so-slightly quicker than C-Line. This disc in S-Line has a slightly less aggressive fade than the C-Line version.


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