Discraft Buzzz - Z Glo FLX

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Speed: 5 / Glide: 4 / Turn: -1 / Fade: 1

The Discraft Buzzz throws straight and far - that's what made it famous in the first place! The Buzzz is a super reliable disc that is perfect for bag. It's that one reliable disc that you'll reach for in every condition: windy, calm, upshot, downshot, or off the tee. When you want something to go straight and keep going with a subtle fade, the Buzzz is the disc. That's it - it's the most dependable mid-range Discraft makes.

Ledgestone Tour Series stamps!

Z Glo Flx: A premium glow plastic with decent durability. Z Glo FLX has a bit more flex for better grip in all weather conditions.

Please Note: Customer feedback indicates that these discs do not glow very bright.