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Discraft Zone GT Battle Pack

Discraft Zone GT Battle Pack

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Two contenders enter, and one leaves PDGA approved. You decide. This is the Discraft Zone GT Battle Pack. It started as a joke - a zone, with a groove track? Who'd've thought that it would grow into an intense, head to head competition between two potential molds. The Zone GT Battle Pack is the only way to get the new First Run Zone GT.

  • Mold 1 has the groove track characters of the Banger GT
  • Mold 2 has the groove track characteristics of the Ringer GT

You, the player, will vote on your favourite mold. Vote for whichever one you think should get PDGA approved!

  1. Play at least one round with each disc.
  2. Get a feel for what you like and dislike about each disc
  3. Note your preferences, take some photos and videos
  4. Share your insights with Discraft!
  5. Use your QR code to vote and enter to win a special giveaway drawing*
  6. Share your battle online with #ZoneGTBattle for a chance to win the Mega Zone Pack*

(*Giveaways are managed by Discraft and not affiliated with Rare Discs)

What's Included: 2x Premium Plastic Test Flight Zone GTs

Z Line Plastic: Z Line plastic is the highest durability plastic Discraft offers with good grip and some transparency.


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