Divergent Golem - Stayput Glow

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Speed: 4 / Glide: 2 / Turn: 0 / Fade: 3

Like a rock, it's the golem. Fantastically overstable, flops to the ground and sits like a rock. This super gummy, ultra flexible rubber-plastic is exactly what you need for that precise upshot that requires exact accuracy and little bounce. This disc is bendy and twisty, and can't take a ton of power, but it makes up for that with its lack of glide and ability to nail precise placements.

This disc is similar in feel to a Discraft Zone but a little more shallow and way more flexible, and a lot less glidey.

This disc should be very consistent, travel in the right direction and not go very far.

This discs are extremely floppy! If it warps, warm it up and bend it back.

Stayput Rubber Blend: Very soft and flexible, can almost bend entirely in half! This rubber blend provides perfect grip in all weather conditions and flops like a rock where it lands.