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Dynamic Discs Felon - Lucid Ricky Wysocki

Dynamic Discs Felon - Lucid Ricky Wysocki

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If you've ever thought, "I love the Escape but I wish it were slightly more stable", have we got the disc for you! This is the Dynamic Discs Felon. Dynamic Discs has introduced a number of hugely overstable, low glide distance drivers used by Ricky "Sockibomb" Wysocki in his tour. These discs feature reliability over distance, with a solid fade that places the disc exactly where you were trying to throw it regardless of conditions.

Windy? No big deal.

Raining? Well, water makes discs more slippery, so maybe that will make a difference.

Hurricane? You'll actually get more glide out of it if you throw down wind!

Big arm players will love the reliability, and lower distance shooters will love the fade for scramble shots. Don't Tilt, this is the Felon!

A big portion of this disc sale goes to supporting Ricky Wysocki in his touring efforts.


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