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Dynamic Discs Sergeant - Fuzion-X (Paige Shue)

Dynamic Discs Sergeant - Fuzion-X (Paige Shue)

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Paige Shue Fuzion-X 2021 Team Edition. A significant portion of this disc sale goes to support Paige in her tour!

The sergeant is an excellent hybrid distance driver that is compared to a faster Getaway or slower Raider. It's perfect for tee shots where a fairway driver is just a bit too short for a strong thrower, but a high speed distance driver would be too far. The sergeant forms a bridge between fairway drivers and distance drivers with a comfortable rim for backhand and forehand.

Fuzion plastic is a higher grip version of Lucid with no transparency. Fuzion-X tends to be more overstable than traditional Fuzion Plastic. This plastic is great for dyeing.

NOTE: All products are scaled using our disc scale. The variance is up to 6 grams versus stamped weight on these discs. We consider our scaling to be accurate.


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