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Infinite Exodus - Halo S-Blend X-Out

Infinite Exodus - Halo S-Blend X-Out

7 5 -0.5 2
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The Exodus is a stable, controllable fairway driver with a comfy rim design, all at a reasonable speed. This is a great disc for any skill level, from more seasoned veterans who want to disc down for control shots, or beginner players who are looking for a little bit more stability. This disc is an excellent fairway driver on tree courses thanks to its long glide and straight flight. Regardless, it can handle a ton of power.

X-Out Factory 2nd: Discs with minor cosmetic issues that do not effect flight, sold at a discounted price.

Halo S-Blend: The tip top of premium plastics with an outer rim color swirl, high durability and great grip.


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