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Infinite Roman - Halo S-Blend X-Out

Infinite Roman - Halo S-Blend X-Out

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The Roman is the ultimate Power Driver from Infinite Discs, designed to provide unrivalled control and a dependable trajectory even in the strongest headwinds. Power players will find this disc flies far and straight with a nice fade, while lower arm speeds will find it is a meat hook. Tuned for backhand and forehand, the Roman is an exceptional choice as an overstable control driver.

Compared to other discs in Infinite's line, the Roman plays like an overstable companion to the Dynasty, or a glidier Scepter.

X-Out Factory 2nd: Discs with minor cosmetic issues that do not effect flight, sold at a discounted price.

Halo S-Blend: A Star-Blend Plastic with softer grip, slight flexibility and a colorful rim.


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