Innova Phantom Sword - Star (Pre-Thrown)

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Speed: 10 / Glide: 4 / Turn: 0 / Fade: 3

This is a USED DISC. Condition report follows:

  • 7649: This is a lightly seasoned used disc with good rim condition. There is a handful of minor scuffs and one minor nick on the rim, with some rim discoloration in places. Overall the rim is pretty smooth and in good shape. Inner rim also has one ding in it. The face of the disc has some scuffing and scratches. There is a bunch of ink on the inner rim as this disc has seen a handful of owners. 


The Original PD - Power Disc. Now reinvented with the Phantom Sword. The Innova Phantom Sword Power Disc is a stable driver that is great for overhand and forehand drives. It has enough stability to battle headwinds, but beats in to a more manageable fade for players with lower arm speeds. Reach for the Phantom Sword on the teebox where distance and placement combine to make the perfect harmony of disc throws. The Phantom Sword throws like a longer teebird.

Star Plastic: A softer feeling premium plastic with small flex and good durability. Tends to beat in slightly quicker than Champion, making discs more workable.