Kastaplast Reko X - K3 Glow

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Speed: 3 / Glide: 3 / Turn: 0 / Fade: 2

Luke Samson 2022 Tour Series

A portion of this disc sale benefits Luke Samson on his touring efforts!

The Reko X adds a touch of extra stability over the renown Kastplast Reko. This is a favorite putter for tee shots or in-circle putts for those who like a little bit more fade at the end of the flight. The Reko X is more wind and turn-over resistant for players who want accuracy with a little more power. The feel is similar to a regular Reko but with a more concave wing for distinct grip and headwind stability.

This is the glow putter to end all glow putters. Bright and long lasting glow, combined with excellent grip and a straight to stable flight, the Reko X in K3 Glow is a chain seeking monster.

K3 Glow Plastic: Top tier base plastic with excellent grip of base plastic putters but a good glow characteristic. Kastaplast K3 glow is generally brighter than competing brands base plastic glow - but not as bright as premium glow.