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MVP Glitch - Eclipse 2.0

MVP Glitch - Eclipse 2.0

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This is the only Eclipse 2.0 Glitch currently released and was available in the 2023 Gyropalooza Box. We may have had to fight off wild hyenas for these discs.

True Eclipse 2.0 Glow Brightness. These heavier weight glitches tend to be a touch more overstable than their lightweight counterparts, for more torque resistance and the smallest amount of fade.


The MVP Glitch is a slow flying, straight and floaty putter that is unlike anything else currently on the market. It's dead straight, hard to turn over and floats into place. Available only in super light weights, the Glitch is easy to throw for players of all skill level. It follows design cues from ultimate and catch-and-toss disc design, but in the smaller form factor of a golf disc. A simple flick of the wrist is all that stands in the way of a super straight glidey flight.

This disc is excellent for low power players and for learning form. The neutral flight of the original Glitch is not sacrificed by adding glow compound to the rim.

Eclipse 2.0 Glow: Widely regarded as some of the brightest and long lasting glow on the planet, Eclipse 2.0 plastic is great for day or night play. It's a bit slicker than Neutron but still maintains grip better than other premium glow plastics when wet.


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