MVP Nomad - Electron Soft Stand Up Stamp

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Speed: 2 / Glide: 4 / Turn: 0 / Fade: 1

The small bead, the depth and the height, the feel in the hands, this is the Nomad. This disc is James Conrad's vision of the ideal putter. Inside of the circle this disc has a neutral straight flight (especially when beat in), and outside the circle expect this disc to pick up the wind and glide fast and far. Great for jump putts outside of circle! This disc will add confidence, especially if thrown high, as it will flatten out and flop onto the ground.

Local Artist Michael Ranamauskas of Doubleram Designs delivers this stunning stamp. This is the first of this series of menacing little robots. These boys are here to get you straight lines and confident throws. Stand Up today.

This is a slightly less rubbery run of Electron Soft plastic.