MVP Octane - Fission Special Edition

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Speed: 13 / Glide: 5 / Turn: -1 / Fade: 2

The Octane is a high speed stable distance drive with a 23mm wing from MVP. It follows the Trace and Tesla with a higher speed line and a slow turning profile. For power throwers that means long straight flights before a spectacular fade finish. It should more stable than the Wave, for longer pushes forward. Lower power players will find a little bit of turn with a hard finish, while power throwers may be able to hyzer flip this beast.

With just a glance at this SE from Skulboy, you know the Fission™ Octane is about one thing: extreme speed! To say he’s done it again would be underselling it, this SE is sure to be a highly sought after hit for both collectors and throwers alike - Skulboy has truly captured the raw power and distance potential of the Fission™ Octane in this SE. What better way to commemorate the first 13 speed disc released in Fission™ than with an SE from Skulboy? Burn up the fairway with this mind-blowing Fission™ Octane SE!