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MVP Reactor - Fission Lab 2nd

MVP Reactor - Fission Lab 2nd

5 5 -0.5 1.5
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The Reactor is a must-have for midranges. A modern profile and enhanced Gyro effect means this disc will fly far, spin faster and carve down the fairways. The slightly understable to stable profile gives this disc lots of flexibility with a mid power throw. Anhyzer or Hyzer it holds the line.

Gyropalooza Lab 2nd: Discs with minor cosmetic issues that do not effect flight or test run discs that may not meet normal production standards.

Fission Plastic: Fission is a premium plastic with a smooth texture. The gyro effect is more dramatic at lighter weights than other plastics. It tends to beat in slightly quicker, making discs more flippy than MVP's typical high stability-versus flight numbers, especially at lighter weights.


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