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MVP Tesla - Cosmic Neutron OTB

MVP Tesla - Cosmic Neutron OTB

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OTB Open Wave 2 Limited Edition: OTB is back, dropping discs with style. These discs come in unique plastic blends that may only be found in this release. By buying these discs you are supporting the OTB Open on the PDGA Tour!

OTB Open 2023

The Tesla is an overstable distance driver that is the perfect compliment to the Insanity. Pushing straighter and further, the Tesla allows for more power and a stronger fade. This disc is great for straight fairways with a turn at the end. If you need to go further with a disc that can handle growing power, the Tesla is for you. This is a great wind disc, too.

Cosmic Neutron Plastic: Premium swirly plastic with bright colors and slow wear.


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