MVP Tesla - Fission Special Edition

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Speed: 9 / Glide: 5 / Turn: -1 / Fade: 2

The Tesla is an overstable distance driver that is the perfect compliment to the Insanity. Pushing straighter and further, the Tesla allows for more power and a stronger fade. This disc is great for straight fairways with a turn at the end. If you need to go further with a disc that can handle growing power, the Tesla is for you. This is a great wind disc, too.

ZIP, ZAP! The MVP Telsa Fission brings some electricity to your game. The Dark Energy stamp from ZAM is a jaw dropping shiny stamp that was featured on the Macro Tesla SE. Now it's featured on the full size tesla, a true synthesis of a Telsa Coil and MVP's Science and Disc Golf Ethos.