MVP Uplink - Neutron Maple Hill

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Speed: 5 / Glide: 5 / Turn: -3 / Fade: 0.5

This MVP Uplink is here! The Uplink is great for shaping lines and for high control shots that go "the wrong way" - right, on a righthand backhand. This is a little bit straighter and easier to use than the Paradox but has a similar flight pattern. It's a good roller disc because it'll flip over onto an edge and keep spinning!

Maple Hill Stamp: The 2022 Maple Hill MVP Open saw a crazy win by Simon Lizotte! Rare Discs has several Maple Hill stamped discs to commemorate the 2022 event. Jack-in to MVP Open 2022 and de-rez the competition, with this Neutron Uplink featuring a primo new stamp by Reide Perigo.

Neutron Plastic: Premium plastic with bright colors and slow wear (excellent for disc dyeing)