MVP Volt - Bendy James Special Edition

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Speed: 8 / Glide: 5 / Turn: -0.5 / Fade: 2

It's James, but bent. You know James. James? That James. The James. James Conrad, World Champion 2021. And this is his primary fairway driver. Michael Ramanauskas, local artist, worked with James to capture fluidity and flexibility, the bend and spin, the flex needed to carve long lines and fly through the sky. Just like James. This is James Conrad's 2021 Tour Series Volt. 

The Volt is a Stable to Overstable fairway driver created for long, accurate placement shots. The Volt holds a a straight line with a solid forward push, until it fades predictably. This disc is great for moderate arm speeds in windy weather, and for high arm speeds where consistent flight is key. Beaten in, it does get a bit less stable, but never loses its touch.

Please note: typically MVP discs are stickered 1-2g lighter than our scale. Our scale is recently calibrated and considered accurate. Displayed weights are for informational purposes only. 


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