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MVP Volt - Neutron 10 Year Anniversary

MVP Volt - Neutron 10 Year Anniversary

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Skullboy Returns to help us celebrate the 10th year anniversary of one of the best known molds in MVP History - the Volt! MVP went full-hog for this special edition, using their latest generation of stamping technology to create these multi foil designs. The 10th Year Anniversary Limited Edition Volt celebrates the improvements in art, design and style that MVP has seen over the last decade. 

"Let me put it in terms you’ll understand, my dear Madame. Things are about to get shockingly loud *FZZZZZTBOOOOOOM*"

The volt is a stable-understable fairway driver that pushes more stable for low power throwers. When new the Volt typically exhibits a decent amount of fade unless thrown really hard, but as it beats in the Volt starts to push for long, straight flights and a reliable finish. Fantastic for forehands with its thinner rim. Don't be fooled by the low speed rating on this disc, it is loved by players of all skill level.

Neutron Plastic: Premium plastic with bright colors, great grip and slow wear.


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