MVP Wave - Fission Maple Hill

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Speed: 11 / Glide: 5 / Turn: -2 / Fade: 2

The Wave is an understable-stable high speed distance driver. It's best described as a longer Intertia (or Instanity) and the flight path allows long swooping S curves for the furthest distance when controlled and thrown flat. It is the kind of disc that would hold an anhyzer or hyzer line. These discs are available in many different weights and are a utility disc that has slightly different flight characteristics per weight and run. The Wave is the kind of disc where those who love it bag multiples.

Maple Hill Stamp: The 2022 Maple Hill MVP Open saw a crazy win by Simon Lizotte! Rare Discs has several Maple Hill stamped discs to commemorate the 2022 event. Maple Hill is a one of a kind course that must be experienced. Coverage can’t adequately capture its subtle elevation changes, challenging curves and intimidating bodies of water. Michael Ramanauskas of DoubleRam Design helps bring that feeling home with this Fission Wave featuring a topographical map of Maple Hill, and a ghost foil layer in transparent holo as well! Each dot represents the basket on each of Maple Hill’s iconic 18.

Fission Plastic: Fission plastic often features lighter weights and slightly reduced stability versus standard Neutron. It tends to break in quicker, making discs more flippy than MVP's typical high stability-versus flight numbers. Fission is easier to throw than other premium plastics MVP offers.