Premium Disc Golf Disc Dyeing Starter Kit - Perfect for Beginners!

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This beginner disc golf disc dye kit includes two premium plastic easy dye discs, six colours and two sheets of 6in vinyl for making your wildest dye dreams come true! Make your disc art come to life with Rare Disc Golf's kit. This kit includes:

- Unstamped / Blank Ice Moose, an overstable mid range (4, 4, 0, 2)
- White Flex Timberwolf, a slightly understable fairway driver (9, 6, -1, 0)
- Pro Chemical and Dye Beginner Disc Dye Kit with 10 grams of each color: Yellow, Orange, Pinkish-red, Blue, Fern, Lilac
- Pro Chemical and Dye Black (Dark Dungeon) in a 28g jar
- 2 Sheets of stencil vinyl for making disc stencils
- Basic dye instructions

Hot dip stencil dye? Spin dye? Lotion or glue dye? Create a disc that is uniquely you!

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