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RPM Tara Iti - Platinum

RPM Tara Iti - Platinum

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The Tara Iti is a stable to overstable control driver with a smooth top and steep concave rim. This disc feels great in hand and flies even better. The smooth top provides excellent distance and decent glide, while the concave under rim prevents flipping at high speed even with plenty of power. The Tara Iti is rated speed 10, but it can keep up with faster discs in terms of its ability to resist turnovers, yet it is not so OS that it is unthrowable.

Bottom Stamp: The flight plate is unstamped for a clean look.

Platinum Plastic: The very best Atomic plastic discs, hand selected by RPM for their appearance and swirls. Atomic is a durable premium plastic that still retains good grip characteristics.


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