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RPM Takapu - Glow

RPM Takapu - Glow

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The RPM Takapu is a beadless stable putt and approach disc. This is a quintessential putter design that belongs in everyone's bag: stable enough that it will be reliable even in windy conditions. The Takapu is has a slow and stable flight with a gentle late fade, making it an excellent putter for both drives off the tee and headwind putts. When thrown with high power they are near laser straight and a slight end finish.

Named after the Tākapu, a bold colored bird with a nearly 2 meter (6 feet) wingspan. They are masters of the wind and attack their prey with precision.

RPM Atomic Glow: A premium glow plastic that ranks on the higher end of our glow scale for brightness and longevity. Tends to be more stiff than other glow.


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