Streamline Drift - Cosmic Neutron (Pre-Thrown)

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Speed: 7 / Glide: 5 / Turn: -2 / Fade: 1

Weight: 176 grams

Color: Pink

This is a USED DISC. Condition report:

- 7.5/10 condition

- Inking on inner rim (one side)

- Rim is in excellent condition with only minor nicks

- Some scratching on face/stamp and inside

- Disc is not "beat in" or seasoned really yet and has plenty of good flight left


The Drift is an understable to stable fairway driver that is perfect for beginner and advanced players alike. This disc, once worn in, will be a great disc for learning hyzer flips for newer players, and long straight glidey flights for everyone. It has a modest rim size and deeper profile making it a comfortable disc for all players to throw.