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The Rejects - 4 Disc Mystery Box

The Rejects - 4 Disc Mystery Box

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This is a mystery box containing four flying plastic discs. These discs are the left overs, the forgotten molds and the discs that just haven't sold for some reason or another. They're sitting around in the shop collecting dust, we need them gone but we can't advertise them at a clearance price without breaking some agreements.

What should you expect from this mystery box?

  • Good discs with terrible colours
  • Bad discs with great colours
  • Fantastic discs that just haven't moved
  • A disc that's too overstable for regular humans
  • A disc that's so understable it's unthrowable
  • A disc with flashing so sharp it could shave a beard
  • A complete wild card mixture of brands and flight numbers
  • One factory second, x-out or a single base plastic disc
  • Discs with slight dents, dings and scratches or warping

✅ Yes, these discs will be dark green, pond scum yellow or poop brown.

✅ Yes, some of these discs will be light weights

✅ Yes, you will likely receive a disc you've never heard of and is too fast to throw

✅ Yes, I lose money on every box sold

🚫 No, you will not receive special edition, limited edition, or otherwise expensive/rare discs


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