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Thought Space Mystery Box - 5 Discs

Thought Space Mystery Box - 5 Discs

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This kit contains 4- premium plastic discs and 1- base plastic disc. As this contains currently produced stamps and molds, we recommend this box as a gateway to Thought Space box, not as a collectors box.

Mystery Set:

  • A mix of Drivers, Mids and Putters
  • Various Thought Space Athletics plastics or TSA stamped discs
  • Please specify in order notes if you want slower speed / easy to throw discs 

A wildcard mix of TSA discs. This set contains a variety of plastics. There will be at least 4 premium plastic discs. Total value typically is around $115 CAD! May even include limited edition discs. We do our best to include a variety of different molds. Hopefully you'll find something you love!

    Please note that this is a mystery bundle. Discs will be different from those pictured. They are examples of what could be included in the bundle!

    NOTE: these sets will be comprised of items already available on the site and do not contain high value chase items. Consider this more of an introduction to Thought Space discs rather than a collectors bundle.

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