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Thought Space Pathfinder - Ethos Bird Feeder

Thought Space Pathfinder - Ethos Bird Feeder

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Second Run Bird Feeder Rare Stamp

This is a stunning example of an early Thought Space Athletics disc with metal flakes and a beautiful slight pearly swirl. The Bird Feeder is a classic Pathfinder stamp. This disc ships insured, in a box. Presents as 9/10 due to storage wear.

The Pathfinder is an excellent mid-range that can be counted on for a consistent, straight flight down the fairway with only minimal end fade. Its excellence in flight can only be matched by the beauty of the plastic and stamps. TSA features multiple foil colours for stunning results.

Thought Space Athletics Pathfinder - Birdfeeder Stamp. A Snake and an eagle fight for their lives on this stunning rare stamp.


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