Yikun Fruit Salad - 3 Disc Set

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A special unique 3-disc pack including a selection of Yikun's Tortoise fruit discs: Dragonfruit, Passionfruit, and Lime Fruit. Yikun Double Overmold discs look unique and these fruit designs are sure to turn heads.

Twin Swords 12/5/0/2: The Twin Swords is a breakout disc from Yikun in their premium overmold "Shell" Tortise Line plastic. The Rim and Overmold are attached together in a unique way compared to other brands like MVP, giving this disc a super unique and beautiful look. This Twin Swords is a distance driver with a wide comfortable rim, offering an overstable flight path. It is commonly regarded as a great forehand disc!

Tomahawk 5/6/0/0: The Tomahawk is a straight flying midrange that is the perfect counterpart to the Meteor Hammer. For deadly accurate fairway approaches and those smooth sweet straight throws, reach for the Tomahawk.

Meteor Hammer 2/3/0/0: A traditional beadless neutral putter that is great for both straight throws and putting. This is a deeper dish putter with a nice smooth edge and offers great grip for a premium putter. The slightly understable characteristic makes it easy to throw, and with tons of glide it should land exactly where you want it to. This is perfect for shorter glidey approach shots.