About Rare Discs - Disc Golf Supplier on the West Coast


About Rare Discs

Rare Discs was founded in 2020 at the height of the Disc Golf craze. We don't have some fancy start up story about starting in a garage (we did start in a basement, so at least we have heat over winter), but we do all play discs and care about our customers. The products we buy are things we throw or recommend, so while we do not have the widest selection of discs and disc golf bags, rest assured that every product we carry has been tested by someone in house for its quality and longevity. 

As business slowly built up, we became a local and international disc golf supplier featuring a dozen different brands and thousands of discs. Now, we are proud to offer you a unique disc golf experience with affordable shipping to Canada and USA, great sales and excellent customer service. Plus, we continually source a few items that are hard to get anywhere else.

A little bit about me, Robert, the business owner: admittedly I'm a very average disc golf player. I play Recreational level at our local tournaments and usually end up middle of the pack. I play tournaments to challenge myself more than actually compete. My love comes from sharing the game. Trying new discs. Growing the sport. Showing people that getting outdoors and exercising can actually be fun.

When I was younger I spent most of my time riding bikes and building trails. Now that I'm a bit older I don't have the body for mountain biking and the falls hurt for longer, so finding disc golf was a godsend to me. Here is a sport that can incredibly challenging, where every day is different, takes a combination of luck and skill and brings me to new places I would not have otherwise gone. 

These days my family plays together! 

As Rare Discs grows I have some long term plans. I want to:

  • Support local endeavors to build more disc golf courses
  • Lobby local parks and rec by showing them the game
  • Design and create unique stamps that cannot be found anywhere else  

I try to throw most of the discs I sell so I know what to recommend, and while I am probably not the best person to ask about advice on what Speed 14 would suit a 500ft thrower, I can definitely help with any beginner and intermediate level questions and I love to just chat about discs, dyeing and the game in general. 

I take pride in building my business the right way. If you have any customer service concerns please contact us

Find Rare Discs on the course in: 

- Langley, BC, Canada

- Surrey, BC, Canada

- Delta, BC, Canada

- Burnaby, BC, Canada

- Vancouver, BC, Canada

- Blaine, Washington, USA

and the surrounding communities. Thank you for your support and look forward to seeing you on the course!