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Axiom Crave - Neutron Soft (OTB Open 2024) (Pre-Order)

Axiom Crave - Neutron Soft (OTB Open 2024) (Pre-Order)

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Pre-Order: Release Date May 15th

Please leave your weight/colour preferences and we'll do our best. Note: any discs ordered with pre-orders will ship together on the final release date.


2024 OTB Open Exclusive Release

Mammoth Tusks Stamp

Release date to be determined.


The Crave provides controllable straight flights with a great feel and dual-color style. Relative to MVP drivers, the Crave is like a seasoned Servo. The popular “worn workhorse-stable” vibe is achieved with subtle wing contours that also feel great in the hand. The stability, range of weights, and easy throw make the Crave a GYRO rig staple.

The Crave tends to start out more stable than the flight numbers suggest and beat in to a straight to stable mid for throws around 250 feet. Higher power throwers will find this disc will run hyzer flip shots. 

Neutron Soft Plastic: Premium plastic with bright colors, slow wear that wonderful softer feeling grip.


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