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Axiom Envy - Prism Proton (Eagle McMahon Special Edition)

Axiom Envy - Prism Proton (Eagle McMahon Special Edition)

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* Out of stock? A super limited second drop will be available at the end of February. Check back soon.

Eagle McMahon Special Edition Team Series 'Rebirth': Eagle to MVP! Eagle to MVP?!! They did it! They finally did it. Eagle McMahon is going to MVP. This special edition stamp commemorates a once in a lifetime move. Eagle's journey with MVP has begun.

The Envy is a a slightly stable putter which beats in to a neutral flight for long distance throws. It has high speed stability with minimal fade after a small break-in period. The envy is "Lid-Like" low profile and feels great in the hands.

Proton Plastic: An overmold plastic with a transparent sparkly rim made from more firm plastic and a proton core, which tends to be the most stable and durable plastic MVP offers.


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