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Axiom Envy - Total Eclipse Color Glow OTB

Axiom Envy - Total Eclipse Color Glow OTB

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Glow Color

OTB Open Wave 2 Limited Edition: OTB is back, dropping discs with style. These discs come in unique plastic blends that may only be found in this release. By buying these discs you are supporting the OTB Open on the PDGA Tour!

OTB Open 2023


The Envy exhibits reliable high-speed stability and a minimal fade. With a slightly lower profile and cruising speed than the Ion and Anode class, the Envy is a uniquely “lid-like” stable putter. Axiom Glow plastic is renown for its ability to soak up dyes while still retaining its UV properties. Combine lotion/bed dye with stencils for some startling and unique glow effects!

Total Eclipse Color Plastic: Color glow center and glow rim! This is the next generation of Eclipse Plastic featuring extra glow. Widely regarded as some of the brightest and long lasting glow on the planet, Eclipse plastic is great for day or night play. It's a bit slicker than Neutron but still maintains grip better than other glow plastics when wet. Color glow is not as bright as standard Eclipse 2.0.


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