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Axiom Pyro - Prism Plasma

Axiom Pyro - Prism Plasma

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A Plasma core and Prism rim produces a stunning dual-toned translucent disc. The Prism Proton Pyro was designed as Axiom’s first overstable Midrange with more glide than the MVP Deflector and a commanding stable finish. The Pyro has enough stability for consistent flights even in the strongest winds. This is the kind of disc that should finish consistently and reliably even for power throwers. Reach for the Pyro when you need that disc to fly just the way you want it. Pyro Plastic offers a premium feel and vibrant colours, unique transparency and a fantastic sparkle not found in any other disc.

Plasma Plastic: A stiffer premium plastic with good durability and a glittery sheen that reflects beautifully in sunlight.


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