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Axiom Vanish - Prism Proton Soft (OTB Open 2024)

Axiom Vanish - Prism Proton Soft (OTB Open 2024)

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2024 OTB Open Exclusive Release

Ancient Creatures Stamp


The Axiom Vanish is an understable driver. In fact, it is widely considered one of the easiest to throw long distance drivers for beginners looking to step up their game. As new players are reaching to high speed drivers and pushing the limits of their lower speed disc, the Vanish will help them learn flip up shots and shaping further distances. This disc is straight in tailwinds and still controllable with mild headwinds.

Prism Proton Soft Plastic: Prism Proton is a transparent core plastic with super high durability and a sparkly rim. In Special Blend Proton Soft plastics, the disc has the durability and transparency of Proton, but the grip of a softer premium plastic.


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