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Discmania Astronaut - Active Premium

Discmania Astronaut - Active Premium

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One word best describes this disc: Flippy. A second word also describes this disc: Glide. The Astronaut is so flippy it's out of this world. It's a great disc for lower power players who like wide rims, or high power players who like rollers, massive turnovers on steep hyzer lines and a wild flight. It'll be one of the easiest to throw wide rim full weight distance drivers for players of all skill levels, and it glides like there's no tomorrow.

Active Premium: Active premium plastic is much more durable than it’s base line counterparts. Mold profiles will remain the same while the higher end productions such as this one will naturally be more overstable in flight and provide a longer life in your bag, able to resist months or even years of every day wear and tear out on the course.


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