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Discmania Cloud Breaker - Eagle McMahon Horizon S-Line

Discmania Cloud Breaker - Eagle McMahon Horizon S-Line

12 5 -1 3
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This is the Discmania Special Blend S-Line Cloudbreaker (2023 Eagle McMahon Signature Horizon Series). Some call this the Cloud Breaker 5, and it is the true successor to last year's wildly popular Cloud Breaker 3. For some reason it works like that, just don't ask.

The Cloud Breaker is based on a Discmania DD3, and will allow you to unleash your max power and distance. Players with high arm speeds will be able to obtain huge flex lines and full anhyzer flight, while lower power players will take advantage of the glide and reliable hyzer fade. This has big disc energy, and can fill the slot of a max power headwind driver, and for players who consistently shoot 400+, become a controllable long range beast. 

This run of Cloudbreakers is said to be a bit more stable than the previous run, meaning that they should absolutely bomb for big arms.

This is the third version of the Cloudbreaker produced in colaboration with Eagle McMahon. Discmania continues to work with Eagle to tailor discs to his personal preferences, including slight tweaks to the plastic to get a swirly special blend. They're a little softer and have some unique color varieties. You know this is a creator disc by the text embossed on the underside of the disc.

A signifant portion of this disc purchase goes to support Eagle's touring efforts.

Horizon S-Line Plastic: Bright colours with a contrasting rim swirl. Super grippy, super durable and super beautiful.


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