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Discmania Cloud Faker - Lux Vapor Link (April Jewels)

Discmania Cloud Faker - Lux Vapor Link (April Jewels)

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April Jewels 2023: Limited edition Lux Vapor Link features the Cloud Breaker stamp. But it's not a Cloudbreaker! It's a putter! How goofy and fun.

The Link is the putter of choice for a wide variety of players from beginners all the way to top level professionals. It offers a reliable, stable flight pattern with low glide to make sure you don't sail past you target. Its ergonomic rim profile makes sure it fits well in all hand sizes and for all kinds of shots from short putts to soaring putter drives off the tee. The Evolution EXO Soft plastic sticks to the ground so it does not go flying past putters.

Note: These discs are manually scaled, and scale 1-3g over stamped weight.

Lux Plastic: A solid premium plastic with outstanding grip in all weather conditions. Lux plastic is durable and holds its flight characteristics quite quite a long time.


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