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Discmania Cosmic Fury - Lux Vapor Logic

Discmania Cosmic Fury - Lux Vapor Logic

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Kyle Klein Signature Edition

Introducing the Discmania Cosmic Fury Lux Vapor Logic: the perfect blend of low-profile ergonomics and flight potential. With a slightly rounded rim and superior grip, you can confidently adjust your throws without worrying about over-correcting. Plus, the beadless design allows for a straighter flight and equal glide with minimal effort.

It's a straighter flying putter compared to the Link, and in this superior premium plastic it's sure to fly the same for ages.

Note: These discs are manually scaled, and scale 1-3g over stamped weight.

Lux Plastic: A solid premium plastic with outstanding grip in all weather conditions. Lux plastic is durable and holds its flight characteristics quite quite a long time.


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