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Discmania DD3 - Swirly S-Line Wings

Discmania DD3 - Swirly S-Line Wings

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Special Edition DM Wings Stamp

The Discmania DD3 is the premium distance driver from Discmania with tons of speed and just enough turn to be manageable for both moderate and power players. The DD3 is the disc to reach for when swooping s-curves are in the play. When thrown at slower speeds, the DD3 is very overstable and perfect for newer players to throw into strong winds. The DD3 reinvented in Italian Blend plastic will maximize distance and reinvent your game.

S-Line Reinvented: The new stock S-Line from Discmania has excellent grip and durability even in wet conditions. S-Line tends to wear into a straighter flight path and is slightly gummier compared to transparent plastics.


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