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Discmania FD3 - C-Line MF European Open

Discmania FD3 - C-Line MF European Open

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The FD3 is the most stable Fairway Driver found in the Discmania Originals lineup. For most players it will be a utility driver that comes out in specific situations where high overstability is needed. That means this disc is great for strong headwinds or tight corners. For players who can throw further, it'll hold a straight line but always fade out. It's very challenging to turn over even when thrown on a high anhyzer.

2022 European Open: Support Europe today by buying this cool lion and sword stamp.

Note: These discs scaled heavier by up to 3 grams versus the embossed weight.

Metal Flake C-Line Plastic: A stiffer premium plastic, albeit slightly softer feeling grip than regular C-line. Beats in quite slow. If you like how they fly out of the box, they should maintain that flight for a good while.


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