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Discmania Function - Neo Forge European Open

Discmania Function - Neo Forge European Open

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Prototype Neo Forge Plastic with European Open Fundraiser Lion Stamp

As this is a prototype disc, it does not come with tooling information on the bottom of the disc aside from weight embossing. This makes it easy to distinguish between prototype and actual run of Functions in the future. 

Crikey, this disc is understable. It's one of the best discs for new players!

The Function is one of the most beginner friendly discs in Discmania's lineup. Designed to flip and fly, the Function has massive amounts of turn making this the optimal disc for beginners as well as anyone looking for a disc that can do more distance. Due to its unique flight characteristics the Function is able to fill a variety of shots in the bag making this an optimal driver for any player. With the high level of turn, it is perfect for flip up roller shots as well.

Neo Forge Plastic: Semi-translucent, highly durable and super grippy, this plastic has a metallic substance glitter mixed in. 


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