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Discmania Iron Samurai 4 - Chroma

Discmania Iron Samurai 4 - Chroma

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The Fourth Coming of the Iron Samurai 4 (Discmania Originals MD3) Mid-Range. This is a new plastic type, Chroma!

The Iron Samurai is a go-to mid-range for any condition. It's stable enough to handle high torque, yet straight enough to slice through tight woods gaps. Narrow fairway? No Problem! Reach for the IS4 when you're in need of reliability and confidence. The MD3 is in the bag of nearly every Discmania pro for a reason, and this signature series disc adds an enhanced durability and trustworthy flight.

This disc helps support Eagle McMahon in his touring efforts.

Chroma Plastic: Similar to Lustre C-Line, in its high durability and pearly sheen. Chroma plastic is firm with good grip.


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